Bogbi is the story of two fathers, from Colombia and Norway, who wanted to develop a cargo bike to take their kids to kindergarden in Bogotá. The Capital of Colombia has for many years had a strong love affair with bicycles, but there were no cargo bikes to transport children and carry goods in the city. So, together with a Norwegian industrial designer, Colombian engineers and Norwegian investors, the two fathers created Bogbi. A Colombian-Norwegian cargo bike produced under fair working conditions for smooth rides in Colombia and around the world.

As Colombia is moving towards a future in peace after almost 6 decades of civil war, they wanted their bikes to contribute to the future of Colombia by offering vocational training, integrating the production with world class training in bike production. And together with other Colombian bicycle companies offer working experience and opportunities for vulnerable groups.

  • Contribute to the development of sustainable and greener cities all over the world
  • Create collaborations and synergies between Nordic industrial designers and Colombian counterparts
  • Promote a new impression of Colombia around the world

Bogbi is based on two core principles: To make high quality cool products AND to contribute to a Colombia in peace. By using the best bicycle engineers and designers from Norway and Colombia, and by letting them contribute to vocational training for talented youth at risk we believe we have found just the right mix. Therefore, when buying a Bogbi you are not only guaranteed a cool high quality cargo bike, you are also guaranteed to contribute to Colombia´s sustainable future in peace.

Our Team

Sigurd Kihl

Co-Founder & Public Relations

Eduardo Moreno

Co-Founder & CEO

Johannes Hegdahl

Head of Design & Engineering

David Duarte

Head of Production & Engineering

Robinson Heredia

Master of Welding

Diego Ospina

Aron Halfen

Special Advisor