Frequently Asked Questions


[vc_toggle title=”How is BogBi manufactured?”]We are a Norwegian-Colombian company with our own small factory centrally placed in Bogota with a dedicated Norwegian-Colombian team. Crowdfunding helps us build the production line and without dealing with third party producers.

Excellent dedicated staff makes it possible for us to produce high quality handmade cargo bikes. You are welcome to visit our factory in Bogotá any time.[/vc_toggle]

[vc_toggle title=”Can I order BogBi all over the world?”]Yes, we deliver BogBi anywhere in the world.  But delivering outside the Nordic countries might take some more time.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How much weight can BogBi handle? “]BogBi is build strong and can handle cargo or two kids up to 75 kg with ease.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”I can’t see the battery – where is it? “]BogBi can of course be delivered with engine and battery at an additional cost. Contact us for further information about this.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How much does BogBi weigh?”]BogBi weighs approximately 23 kg.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How long is the BogBi?”]The BogBi is short, it is about 2.15 meters. Designed to fit inside your apartment and to be taken into elevators. The steering placed on the bridge makes it compact, but with the same volume inside the case as other cargo bikes.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How is BogBi delivered and is it easy to assemble?”]BogBi comes semi-assembled, so it isn´t hard to assemble. However, if you don’t have much experience with bikes, we recommend that you visit our retailer in Norway.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How much does shipping cost?”]Shipping is set from $ 250 USD due to the fact that we ship worldwide directly from our factory, but this price might be lowered if we can send bikes in bulk to your destination.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”I live in Norway can I pick it up myself? “]In the future this will be an option. BogBi is shipped in bulk and will be shipped to individuals directly from our factory through our contacts in the Nordic countries. All BogBis can be shipped via ground shipping to the address on file.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”What kind of warranty do you offer? “]All BogBi cargo bike frames come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Should you encounter some production related default in that timeframe, you simply contact our customer support and we will take care of it. On the components we offer the warranty of the producers.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”What is your returns policy?”]We are sure you will love your new BogBi, but should you change your mind, we offer a 14 days money back guarantee after you have received it, if you are not satisfied.
However, if you decide to do so, your BogBi bike must be in new and re-sellable condition.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”What kind of accessories do you currently have or can I expect in the near future?”]We are tirelessly working to improve our cargo bike and accessories. Cases and bags attached to the bike to improve your ability to take more cargo, are under development. Everyone who buy a BogBi during the crowd-funding campaign will receive around 30 % discount on BogBi accessories – currently under development – that will be launched this year.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”What about spare parts? Can any bike shop assist me?”]Our components are fairly standard, meaning that you can upgrade/customise your bike as you desire with other parts either from us or your local bike shop.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Do I need a licence to ride BogBi?”]No. Our cargo bikes are made 100% street legal.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?”]The prices in the crowd funding campaign includes VAT. Other national tariffs may apply for different countries.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Can I test ride a BogBi bike?”]At this stage test rides are only available in Bogotá and soon Oslo. Contact us for a test ride.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Can I get a refund?”]Please refer to Norwegian and Colombian policy for purchase and warranty.[/vc_toggle]