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Bogbi is a unique cargo bike handmade in Colombia, with Norwegian industrial design and high quality in every part of the bike.

Families with children and small businesses in 20 cities and 13 countries are now using Bogbi to replace a car every day. 


About the bike


The cover of the cargo box is made of aluminum. In the sides of the box there are integrated textile pockets for storing things you want to bring on a trip and hooks for shopping bags. In addition, the box can withstand up to 100 kilograms on the frame, so both tables, chairs and cabinets can easily be transported from A to B.


The rain cover is Norwegian-produced in Gausdal, and fitted to the cargo box. The cover can withstand all kinds of weather all year round. When the sun is shining, you may not need the front window and it can be taken on and off with a zipper. The cover has air vents to let air in. The top window allows you to maintain good dialogue with the passengers, even when the cover is on. 
With the 5 point seat belt, the children are securely seated and safe throughout the journey. 2.jpg


​The child seat is inspired by Colombian hammocks, with a shape-adapted cushioning effect. The seat is suitable for two children up to 7-8 years of age, depending on the size of the children and how well they get along. The seat can easily be unhooked if you need the entire cargo hold.

With the 5 point seat belt, the children are securely seated and safe throughout the journey. 3.jpg


The steering protector ensures that passengers cannot get stuck or come into contact with the steering system.

This also makes it possible to put things on top of the load box itself, without affecting the steering of the bike. 


The engine's capacity will help you reach 25 km/h + 10%.


Up to 70 km per charge or 140 km per charge with two batteries.


Each battery is packed with 16500 AH Class A cells and has 36v.

The batteries can be charged directly in a socket in the storage room or garage or can be unlocked and brought in for charging


250w and 80Nm Bafang. It is a quiet mid-drive unit that uses the same gear as you and good help even up the steepest slopes. 

new arrivals


The bike comes with 20 and 28 inch tires, with tread depth approved for Norwegian weather conditions. The tyres are easy to remove and can be changed to winter tyres when snow and ice arrive. 

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