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Bogbi is a unique cargo bike. Our bikes are handmade in Colombia, with Norwegian industrial design and high quality in every part of the bike. When you buy a Bogbi you are also supporting a business with a social profile in Colombia and Norway.


Families with children and small businesses in 20 cities and 13 countries are now using Bogbi to replace a car every day. 


Why Bogbi cargo bike? 

The bike has a solid steel frame with a top tube and down tube to protect any cargo and create a frame that carries almost anything you want to bring along. In combination with the five-point harnesses in the removable seat keeps the children or cargo are extra well protected no matter what happens. This makes it one of the safest cargo bikes on the market. 


Now Bogbi  also comes with an integrated steering wheel lock, which allows you to quickly deliver in kindergarten, at football practice or buy something in the store. In addition, both the seat and handlebars can be adjusted, so that more people in the family or workplace can use the bike.

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