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Enough talk: Ride the right thing.

A Bogbi bike is fairly produced and lasts a lifetime

In Bogbi we believe that even small companies with big dreams, should also take great responsibility. Bogbi provides small business owners and families in 13 countries to conduct zero emission travel, contributing to sustainable cities and green transport using our cargo bikes every day.


We also believe that great products must be reflected in the way they are produced.  Hence Bogbi  strives to create decent work in all aspects of  our operation. Paying a decent salary to our employees and encouraging our providers to do the same.

Make stuff that change the world and make it last

By using stainless steel and high-quality components we make our cargo bikes last for years and comply with SDG 9 Industrial innovation and infrastructure. In the near future we are aiming to put our frames into a circular model, and by that achieving a model that allows our products to liver for a very long time.

Not perfect, but getting there

By 2025 we want to be able to measure emissions from our own means of production, such as physical and chemical processes, own generation of energy and purchased energy, transport with our own vehicles, people and goods, business travel, purchase of goods and subcontractors. Analyze packaging solutions and look at material selection to optimize resource use and reduce waste. All of this will contribute to being a CO2 neutral operation in the future. 

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